Christianity can be inspiring, confounding, consolatory, and conflicting.
I try to resist being pontifical but this is one of those subjects that makes that extremely difficult.

“I just can’t believe it! They seemed like good churchgoin’ God-fearing’ folks,” is what people say to news teams after their neighbor gets hauled…

Dictionary: Gradually benefit the poorest as a result of the increasing wealth of the richest.

The Trump tax break directed at the wealthiest 2% and largest corporations are evidence of the rapacity of the republican party. The rich get richer at the expense of the poor during republican administrations. The…

Hate, what an awful word! It’s right up there with the “n”, “c” & “f” words. Not fuck, the other f word. Can we ban them phonetically? Is that a thing? Two strikes and you’re out for they’re utterance. I know, but I believe everyone deserves one strike. We do…

Everything politicians say is devised to get them elected/reelected. They only say what they think their voters want to hear. But their actions reveal their real agenda. It’s obvious when they’re vote is designed to appease their donors.

You wouldn’t tolerate contradictions between words and actions from friends or family…


Tempt enlightenment, explore alternative points of view

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